The Ayni work contributes to the achievement of the following development objectives:

The fight against poverty:

to achieve productive employment for women and young people.

Quality education:

by providing equitable access to technology education, The projects allow the development of technological skills and for entrepreneurs, we effectively increase the number of people with relevant skills for financial success.

Gender equality

Ayni strives for an equal relationship between women and men, among its students, encourages girls to develop in technology and helps empower more Bolivian women in entrepreneurship. Equal opportunities for all!

Decent work and economic growth:

Ayni works to reduce the proportion of young people without jobs. Through the TIC Mujeres program we contribute to raise awareness about trafficking in persons and precarious employment for potential immigrants. Our best students earn additional income for their families. They are proud and confident of their future.

Reduction of inequalities:

Ayni works to promote the economic inclusion of Bolivian students, regardless of their sex, race, ethnicity or location. They learn to speak in public and learn about their rights, break with traditional schemes and show that women and technology go together!

Sustainable Cities and Communities:

Ayni contributes to making life inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable in cities. Our students gain more interpersonal skills thanks to the project; we create models to follow. Encourages the participation of women in technical and technological training; We create awareness and more participation of parents in education. Girls become leaders among students. We stimulate the application of technology to other branches.

Contact us

Make your inquiry to our national coordination and in the shortest possible time you will receive a response.

Head office

ADDRESS: Sucre #930 Washington y Camacho
Oruro - Bolivia
EMAIL: coordinacion@redayni.org
PHONE: +591-2-5282750
WEBSITE: www.redayni.org
VIDEO GAME: www.aprendercreando.bolivia.bo

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