We are a multidisciplinary team with a board of directors elected every three years, who are in charge of securing the funds together with the executive coordinator.

The team is composed of eight young professionals, mostly women, with experience in the application of ICT to the educational environment.


We contribute to the technological training of teachers and / or students through different strategic activities such as training in computer management, creation of local content, seminars, sensitization, contests, technology fairs and others.


So that students from areas and groups that are not well served have better opportunities when they access higher education and in the workplace. In this way, it contributes to the economic development of the country.


Ayni is a Bolivian organization with national non-profit scope, its purpose is to support the educational environment (at primary, secondary and higher level) with the insertion of Information and Communication Technologies, within the classroom as a strategic and innovative tool to improve the quality of education and expand opportunities for access to work sources.

Among other important projects we have: The Project Access to Information and Transparency through Electronic Government (2011) in the department of Potosí, which is financed by the program IFAP-UNESCO.

The Project (Phase 1) Youth Network for Development (2011 - 2012), funded by the European Union under the "Youth in Action" Program, involves young people from Latin America (Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru) and Europe (Spain, Belgium and Holland). As a result, 16 youth leaders from Oruro learn and elaborate a proposal, exchange criteria interculturally and a group of these participate in the International Youth Forum in Quito, Ecuador.

The Project (Phase 2) Impulse of the Youth Network for Development (2013 - 2014), financed by the European Union within the framework of the "Youth in Action" Program, involves young people from Latin America and Europe. As a result, 16 youth leaders improve the proposal elaborated in the first phase and start the project in a pilot way, interchange criteria interculturally. A delegation of youth leaders from Latin America and Europe visit Oruro to learn about the local experience. Finally, a group of 4 young people from Oruro participate in the International Youth Forum in Quito, Ecuador.

Contact us

Make your inquiry to our national coordination and in the shortest possible time you will receive a response.

Head office

ADDRESS: Sucre #930 Washington y Camacho
Oruro - Bolivia
EMAIL: coordinacion@redayni.org
PHONE: +591-2-5282750
WEBSITE: www.redayni.org
VIDEO GAME: www.aprendercreando.bolivia.bo

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